Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love Bug

It begins with a grin
It turns to a giggle You start to laugh
Your legs start to wiggle
You look all around for someone to hug
You've caught the love bug!!!

fun times and pictures 069

fun times and pictures 071

fun times and pictures 072

I don’t give a HOOT!!!!!

As the title says……I don’t give a hoot!!! Well actually I do, isn’t this bow just sooo cute! I love owls…..let me take that back I love owls that are pink and blue and printed on ribbon! Hope you enjoy!!

fun times and pictures 089

fun times and pictures 092

fun times and pictures 091

Hair Bow Parties!!!!!

We are available for hair bow parties! We will bring all of our bows and clippies and set up at the location you choose! You provide the people, invitations, and refreshments (if wanted) we provide the rest! The hostess will receive 10% of the sales in free merchandise!!!! For example if we sale $100 the hostess will receive $10 in free items! Please let us know at least two weeks in advance so that we can be fully prepared to wow you and all of your friends!

Miss Emily!!

This is Miss Emily!! Isn’t she just sooo cute! She is modeling some of her m2m hair bows that I made her! Notice the bling in the middle of the bow, because no princess is complete w/out a little bling!!!

Pictures from Cannon Camera 069

Pictures from Cannon Camera 061 (2)

Pictures from Cannon Camera 074

Super Bubble…………….

I love love love gum!!!!! I can chew it all day, well it usually doesn’t last that long i have a problem with swallowing it! My friends and family actually call me a gum eater…. so lets just say I love gum!! So as you can imagine this is a bow after my own heart, it is based on my favorite gum Super Bubble! All the pink, red, yellow, and blue just make you want to go to the store and buy a piece of that famous .05 gum (I think i will just go to my pantry and get a piece………… I better make it two)!

swimming jumping jacks and bows 175

                          swimming jumping jacks and bows 186