Wednesday, July 21, 2010

M2M Michael Miller High Tea Fabric

I had an order placed for a bow to match this fabric, it was for a little girls Alice in wonderland birthday party! I had my sister custom make me some ribbon, she designed the graphics herself :)! All of her digital scrapbooking skills are really coming in handy for me lol!

The fabric!


and the bow :)!

teacuphairbow 001

teacuphairbow 002

Thank so much Carmen, you did awesome work on this for me!!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let’s Rodeo!!

My family has been going to the Tops in Texas Rodeo on the last night of the rodeo (Saturday) and sitting in the same box seats for as long as I can remember! It is kind of like a tradition I guess you could say, and although the people might of changed (a few additions and a few that can no longer come) Saturday night at the Rodeo is our night :)! Last year my youngest sister was even proposed to in the middle of the arena while she was setting up for the band, these are memories that can not be taken away!

I usually just make the two of my nieces that go with us bows, but this year I got the chance to make them their shirts! My sister was going to make them but the digital scrapbooking world has taken over her life :), which is good for me because i am getting a lot of awesome graphics from it ( you will see some examples soon)! These are the shirts that I came up with! Hope you enjoy them!

rodeo 2010 020

rodeo 2010 049

rodeo 2010 045

(hahahahhaha I love this pic.)

My husband and I could not decide on a design for my son to wear so he just went cowboy :)! I was so upset to find (on the day of the rodeo) that his boots no longer fit him, and we had no time to get him new ones so he just wore his puma’s, I am sure they were more comfortable anyways!

rodeo 2010 038

rodeo 2010 067 rodeo 2010 080

Chasing the baby cow with Aunt Scarlett!!