Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocket Ship Hair Bow

I just got this ribbon in and I have to say that I love it!!!

easter and fosters b-day 245


Foster’s Easter egg hunt at school! It took him a second to get the hang of this egg hunting thing, but then he was on a roll! We had to dump his basket out twice so he could get more eggs!

fosters easter party 009 

fosters easter party 015 

We had a great Easter egg hunt at my Mom and Dads, but I forgot my camera :(! I know crazy right, but that is what happens when the whole family is sick!

The Easter Bunny bunny brought Foster some really cool stuff, we asked him not to bring a lot since Fosters birthday is the 8th! After Church we went to Nana and Papa Todd's and had a awesome lunch followed by another egg hunt! If you are in need of any Easter candy you can find it at our house!

easter and fosters b-day 002 

easter and fosters b-day 003

easter and fosters b-day 021 easter and fosters b-day 036easter and fosters b-day 058

We had a awesome Easter!! Now it is time to get ready for his big birthday bash! I can’t believe my baby will be 2 :(!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Robot T-Shirt!!!

O.k so it is about time that we add some boy stuff…….I mean I only have a little boy :)! I get so aggravated trying to shop for Foster because I can never find anything cute……but that discussion is for a separate post :)!

My sister Carmen makes all if the shirts now because I no longer have time, and this is what she has come up with so far for the boys (more to come)!!!

robot shirt 007

robot shirt 004

robot shirt 001

Foster did not want to take pictures for me, all he wanted to do is PLAY! So these are the best I got sorry guys!  The robot can be customized for any color scheme, she is working on a bright one for me right now :)!

***Jumpin’ Jacks Party Shack***

If you live in the Tyler area and you don’t know who they are then you are missing out on a great time! We just got done with some custom shirts for them………but I forgot to get pictures of them lol! Luckily we are having a double birthday party there on Saturday and they will be wearing them :) so I will have pictures then!!!!! Be on the lookout!

Here is their website be sure to check it out