Thursday, October 1, 2009

woven headbands!!

O.K. so this picture isn’t the best, I am working on getting a better one, but I wanted to show these off, they are kind of a new addiction! These headbands are great for older girls who really aren't into the bow thing anymore! But of course like you can see in the picture bows can be added or removed!

hair bow orders 001

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lets Go Lumberjacks………..


sfa school

This is a custom bow order, m2m SFA! My mom is currently attending SFA, and when I couldn’t decide on a purple she was like “Veronica are you serious…….” well yes I’m serious!!! Most of ya’ll probably don’t know this but I am color blind to a point and it is  hard for me to chose colors that are so close………. I know weird business I decided to get in HUH!!!! Anyways I love these bows!!

ffff 036

ffff 039

ffff 053

ffff 055

Sunday, September 27, 2009

If you like to talk to tomatoes

if a squash can make you smile!!!!

I had to put these pics of my son Foster with Bob and Larry on the blog!! He just loved them, I was afraid that he was going to be terrified! He even blew them kisses good bye when we left!!

cf walk 009

cf walk 002

cf walk 006

cf walk 010

Disney World Bows

blog mm annual frontice

We are going to Disney World!!! My Mom, my older sister Carmen, her daughter Shelbee, my other niece Chloe, me and Foster will be making the long DRIVE yes drive to Florida!!!! This will be Fosters very first trip!!!! We are not leaving until Nov. 17th but I have already started making bows for the girls!! We have the whole trip planned! This Bow will of course be for Animal Kingdom! Keep watching because there will be plenty more to come, including what I am sure will be my fav.    

Peace, Love Minnie!! 

*Safari Minnie Bottle Cap Hair Bow*

cf walk 125

cf walk 124

cf walk 131