Friday, September 17, 2010

O.K. one more

yes I am loving these pics :)! I had to share this one

fosterinhisjeans (please click picture to be directed to her facebook page)

Veronica :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love the 80’s Hair Bow

I recently had a contest on my facebook page for my fans to come up with a theme idea for a bow, whoever chose the winning theme would win a bow to match that theme! I was secretly hoping the 80’s would win, and it did!!! Here is what I can up with! The orange and green are really neon they just aren't showing up that way in the pictures lol!

hair bows for sale and 80's 101

hair bows for sale and 80's 099

hair bows for sale and 80's 102

Veronica :)   

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fosters Pictures

Well I am way behind on Fosters pictures :(! I usually am right on top of things but our crazy life has been very hectic and off balance the last 6 months! I feel bad that I haven’t had his pictures taken, Chris tells me not to worry about it because I have only taken probably thousands of them in 6 months lol! I finally got his pictures taken by a newer photographer in Tyler

Jennifer Marie Photography

She does awesome outside photos, and is so easy to work with!

I love love love the photos I have got to see so far! We have Halloween pictures scheduled for the 25th, I will not get behind in pics again :)! Here are a few of the samples, I have to share because I love them so much!


This is classic Foster :)!




Love this one :)!


(please click this picture to be taken to her facebook page)

Thanks so much Jennifer, I can’t wait to see the rest and have some fun Halloween ones taken!