Monday, September 13, 2010

Fosters Pictures

Well I am way behind on Fosters pictures :(! I usually am right on top of things but our crazy life has been very hectic and off balance the last 6 months! I feel bad that I haven’t had his pictures taken, Chris tells me not to worry about it because I have only taken probably thousands of them in 6 months lol! I finally got his pictures taken by a newer photographer in Tyler

Jennifer Marie Photography

She does awesome outside photos, and is so easy to work with!

I love love love the photos I have got to see so far! We have Halloween pictures scheduled for the 25th, I will not get behind in pics again :)! Here are a few of the samples, I have to share because I love them so much!


This is classic Foster :)!




Love this one :)!


(please click this picture to be taken to her facebook page)

Thanks so much Jennifer, I can’t wait to see the rest and have some fun Halloween ones taken!


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