Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scarlett’s Wedding

Well my baby sister is married………..sigh, I feel old!!! The wedding was beautiful, and with that said I am so happy ecstatic it is over (love you Scarlett & James)!! I made the flowers, and the flower girl dresses, on top of five million other things! My mom, Fawn, Chloe, Shelbee, Aunt Brenda stayed at the church until 1:30 friday night, Carmen and myself stayed until 3:30 a.m. trying to get everything set up, and once again I tell myself love you Scarlett and James! The wedding turned out beautiful, I can’t wait to see all the pictures! Here are a few that I took!

Had to throw this in………mmmmmmm!

scarletts wedding 090

Pull it a little tighter, you can’t see me but I am pulling the string and Clydea (maid of honor) and my Mom are holding the dress tight! I was tempted to dig my knee in like Mammy on Gone With The Wind!

scarletts wedding 110

The back of the dress…….gorgeous!

scarletts wedding 115

Scarlett and Me!

scarletts wedding 123

Me, Foster (ring bearer), and my hubby Chris!

scarletts wedding 128

I love love love this picture!!! This was taken before the wedding, they couldn’t see each other and they were holding hands!!!

scarletts wedding 143

Chloe, one of the flower girls ( I made the tu-tu dress!)

scarletts wedding 147

Shelbee, the other flower girl!!

scarletts wedding 153

Foster the ring bearer!

scarletts wedding 192

Most of the Wedding Party!!

scarletts wedding 236


scarletts wedding 265


scarletts wedding 296

Bye Bye!!!!!!

scarletts wedding 307

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