Thursday, December 3, 2009

WOW that was a fun trip!!!

We had an amazing time!!!! With a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and a 19 month old you couldn’t of asked for much better! Of course we all knew that Chloe and Shelbee would love all of the characters and even though Foster has loved every character he had met up to that point the question still lingered if he would love them or have a mental break down and he……………….

LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made so many memories on this trip I really don’t know where to begin, so I am just going to post a few pictures every week and keep the magic going!!!!

wdw 2009 004

Chloe is ready to go, she drew us a picture of the castle!!

wdw 2009 006

After about 21 hours in the car this might of been the happiest sight I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

wdw 2009 010

wdw 2009 019

Our hotel! We stayed at All Star Music! This was the first time I have ever stayed on site and I love love loved it!!!!!

wdw 2009 023

Look what we found on the bed!!!!

wdw 2009 027

After about an hour of cleaning up and resting we decided we were going to head out to Epcot! Me and Foster in front of the “golf ball”!

wdw 2009 043

Our first hidden Mickey!

wdw 2009 050

Fish fish fish!!!! Foster loves fish!!!!

wdw 2009 074

Shelbee chose a pearl in Japan and this is the one she got! If you have never done this, it needs to be on your list of items to do in Epcot!

wdw 2009 093

Look what Daddy surprised us with when we got back to the room that night!! I was NOT expecting this, love you Chris!!!

wdw 2009 098

wdw 2009 099 

The goodies on the inside!

Well that was the first day, it was a short one! Keep watching for more updates!!!!

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