Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I got a embroidery machine :)!

Well I finally took the plunge and decided to buy a embroidery machine, and I love love love it! I have only had a chance to make a few things with it (mainly just seeing if I can figure it out lol) and so far everything has gone smoothly! I am especially excited because now I will be able to offer more boy items, which means I can make stuff for my handsome little man :)! Here are two of the things I have finished and loved.


Personalized hair bow, I made this one for a baby shower! I have much cuter fonts now but I did this the first night I got my machine in and just couldn’t wait lol!

playing in his house and mike 050 

It’s Mike lol! I had to make this for my little man because lets face it he is a little monster :)! This is one of my cuter fonts that I can put on the bows!

playing in his house and mike 041

playing in his house and mike 052

Not a happy model at 8:30 in the morning, but you take what you can get :)!

Can’t wait to get more items made, I am really having fun with my machine!


  1. oh girl....I may need the moster shirt for Chance. ANd of course Miss Priss will need some bows with a B on them. Love it!!!

  2. thanks girl i am having so much fun with it i have tons of new designs i am working on getting done :)